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Stretches to Relieve Tension in the Neck and Shoulders

23rd April 2020

This post provides specific stretches to relief tension that builds up in the neck and shoulders. It also covers some exercises to improve the coordination and strength of the surrounding muscles to reduce associated stiffness/pain.
With quarantine keeping a lot people sat inside and working from home our shoulders and necks are left in uncomfortable postures that can strain the surrounding muscles and tendons.
Try these exercises out to combat these problems:
  • Chin tucks (head on wall) 3 x 8-10 reps
  • Chin tucks (on all 4) more difficult 3 x 7-10 reps
  • Neck Stretch (on chair) hold for 25-30 seconds x 3
  • Thoracic opener (on floor or wall) x 8 right and left
  • Head up/down (arms on chair) up/down x 10 OR Praying position (elbows on chair) hands up/down x 10
  • Snow Angels (lying on belly, head on pillow) Thumbs up 3 x 8-10 full sweeps .


(Follow this link to watch a video of the above exercises)
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Keep on exercising at home and stay safe.

By Dr Amie Bracey

Masters of Chiropractic