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How to set up your desk correctly

11th November 2016

The work place can be a dangerous place! Working at a computer can put all sorts of strains on your spine if not done correctly. This over time is likely to lead to injury of the neck or back or both. It is important that your desk is set up correctly to prevent this happening.

  • Your computer screen should be straight in front of you at about arms length
  • The top of the computer screen should be at eye level
  • Your low back should be supported in your chair
  • Your knees should be at 90 degrees, this means you may need a stool
  • Your elbows should also be at 90 degrees and relaxed by your side
  • Wrists should be in neutral
  • Laptops are not ergonomically friendly, try to reduce the amount of time spent on these!

And most importantly get up and move around. Taking regular breaks is really important we weren’t designed to sit down all day and it certainly won’t help any neck or back pain that your experiencing.


By Dr Amie Bracey

Masters of Chiropractic