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Overcoming winter aches and pains

13th November 2016

As the winter draws nearer its important that we look after ourselves. Unfortunately aches and pains tend to rise during the colder months, our joints may feel stiffer and recovery from illness may seem slower. It is therefore important that we are proactive and not reactive during this time. Ensuring our immune system can work at its best is the best way to ensure winter wellness.

Extra Sleep
With the days getting shorter our bodies are actually designed to sleep longer during the winter months. Ensure that you get at least 8 hours sleep so that the body can have time to repair itself properly. Being sleep deprived leaves our bodies susceptive to illness.

Get outside and exercise
Even a quick 15minute walk outside on your lunch will make a great difference. Its important that we get some daylight everyday this will help boost our moods and exercising is a great way to get endorphins to release, which will help to keep us happy and healthy

Stay Social
The winter months can really effect our moods and make us not want to leave the house. This isolation is not healthy and a depressed body is a weak body. Stay social; arrange to meet family or friends at least once a week to keep spirits high.

Eat Protein
Eating protein is really important to help us to maintain low blood sugar levels, at this time of year excessive consumption of carbohydrates seem to offer comfort however this can have bad effects on our immune system making it weaker. Eating protein will also help you to stay full for longer.

Fruit and Vegetables
Getting enough micronutrients, that’s all the good stuff found in fruit and veg, is essential to stay fit and health this winter. Vitamins and minerals help to keep the bodies repair system strong. Try to get your 5 a day in every day this winter!

By Dr Amie Bracey

Masters of Chiropractic