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Headaches everything you need to know

13th November 2016

Headaches are the most common disorder of the nervous system and battling with regular headaches can be awful. A headache is often a symptom rather than a disease itself. It is important to find the cause of your headaches so that the correct treatment can commence. For example a headache may just be a symptom is dehydration. The answer in this case is drinking more water throughout the day. Unfortunately not all headaches are quite that simple, once you have sought out medical attention and have ruled out anything sinister as the cause of your headache you can start to piece together why you are suffering with these pains.

Bad posture can lead to headaches. Craning your neck at a compute screen all day, looking down at your phone to text, playing on your ipad for hours, walking with rounded shoulders, all of these things can cause tension to build up in your neck which then often leads to a headache.

Emotional stress can cause headaches. This is because of the wiring in your brain. The limbic system is a part of the brain which is involved with the processing of our emotions, our ability to learn and the formation of memories. Because of this systems wiring it means that our emotional stress can result in physical stress on our bodies. Most simply having a bad day may cause tension in the muscles around your neck to increase which can then result in headache.

Not wearing your glasses or not having the right prescription for your eyes may be the cause of your head pain. Regular trips to the optician are essential.

Not drinking enough water will cause dehydration. A symptom of dehydration is headache

Sometimes headaches maybe a side effect to medication that you are taking. Rebound headaches can even be experience from taking painkilling medication for your headaches.

We all know that colds and flu can give you a muzzy head, however sometime infection of the small bones in our face called our sinus’s can cause headaches. Without proper treatment this can sometimes become recurrent

Some foods trigger headaches such as chocolate, orange, alcohol, coffee, cheese, soy sauce, foods containing MSG, pickles and cream

By Dr Amie Bracey

Masters of Chiropractic